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Norpro Canning Essentials, 6 Piece Set, Boxed

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  • Product Description:

    A must-have for the canning enthusiast and beginner alike!

  • Capture summer fruit and vegetables at their prime for enjoyment throughout the year by canning at home.

  • Features:
  • Six-piece set of essential tools for canning and dehydrating all in one box!

  • - Long tongs with green vinyl coated handles to keep sterilized canning components sanitary before/during and after use.
    - A vinyl coated jar lifter to lift sealed jars out of hot water safely and securely. The soft grip is perfect for glass jars.
    - The magnetic lid lifter safely removes the flat lid from hot water and helps keep the lid sanitized.
    - An extra wide mouth funnel guides food into jars with less mess.
    - A vinyl coated jar wrench to seal lids on tightly.
    - A bubble popper/measurer to measure the headspace in jars and to pop any air bubbles in the food before sealing.

    Measures: 10.25" x 3" x 1.25"