Viking One: The New Homefront, Book 5

Viking One: The New Homefront, Book 5

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As the fifth book in The New Homefront Series, Viking One serves as a stand-alone novel, chronicling the apparently orchestrated collapse of our fragile, modern world from the perspective of Jim and Lori Rutherford and friends, as their small town of Delaware City, Delaware begins to feel the noose tighten around them. As a preparedness-minded individual, Jim and crew, working together with friends, neighbors, and local authorities, try to secure their beloved town while keeping their minds open to the possibility of fleeing if the extent of the collapse is as great as they fear.

Join them, along with characters from The Last Layover, as they struggle to maintain the security of their town while hanging on to every last thread of hope and humanity.

If you like action-packed, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, prepper, collapse-of-society, or survival fiction, check out Viking One as well as the rest of The New Homefront Series, the Society Lost Series, and the newly released Breaking the Beast Series by Steven Bird.

Note: Viking One is written as a stand-alone novel and doesn’t require that the reader has read other books in the series, although readers who have read the preceding four books will appreciate the character overlaps.