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Dare to Prepare

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This magnificent work is THE ultimate city-suburban-rural emergency preparedness reference book.  Dare To Prepare is now 632 pages in 8-1/2" by 11" format paperback - about the size of a telephone book.  Over 330 photographs and illustrations, plus many charts and tables, make personalized preparedness super simple.

WHY DARE TO PREPARE ? A dozen years ago, I had a hard time convincing family and friends (though not Stan) we were experiencing disasters more frequently and with increased severity. From decades of reading many books on Earth changes, the material became pretty convincing we would be on a path of change. That time of change has arrived, but concrete evidence was needed - information we could refer to reliably and show the disbelieving why we need to prepare. Now terrorism is added to the mix.  If you are having trouble convincing family members, spouses and friends of the need for having supplies on hand, Dare To Prepare is an invaluable aid.

67 chapters are dedicated to step-by-step preparation in simple English, much of which you will find nowhere else, as well as personal anecdotes. Dare To Prepare is not just a compilation of lists; it is the blueprint for how Holly and Stan Deyo organize their home. All the information you need to store provisions long and short-term is included, besides detailed instructions of long-forgotten skills that's fun for the entire family. A lot of options are given to make your planning as flexible and personalized as possible.

Written by Holly Drennan Deyo with an introduction by Stan Deyo,