Wild Lettuce Leaf Extract

Wild Lettuce Leaf Extract

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Wild lettuce: natural pain relief and sleep support

 Since ancient times people have used plants as natural remedies to treat a variety of symptoms, including pain. Wild lettuce is known for its pain-relieving properties and is often used as conventional medication.

Wild lettuce supports healthy sleep and is an organic pain reliever. Wild Lettuce is an all-natural alternative for muscle and joint pain relief. Wild Lettuce is also often commonly used to support healthy sleep and much more!

 What is Wild Lettuce and what it is used for?

 Wild lettuce not only supports respiratory health: cough, asthma, but also anxiety, insomnia (trouble sleeping), urinary tract problems, restlessness, excitability in children, painful menstrual periods, nymphomania (excessive sex drive in women), muscle and joint pain, poor circulation, priapism (swollen genitals in men), and as an opium substitute in cough preparations.

Wild lettuce (also known as Lactuca virosa) can be found in North America, Europe, and the Middle East along riverbanks and roadsides, and can grow up to six feet in height. 

 Wild lettuce secretes a milky, white substance known as lactucarium. When dried, this compound resembles opium, a natural pain-reliever. Opium was commonly used as a pain reliever from ancient times into the 19th century. Some people use wild lettuce latex as a natural sanitizer, applying it directly to the skin to kill germs.

White lettuce benefits:

  • Supports respiratory health (whooping cough, asthma, cough)

  • Supports urinary tract health

  • Supports better sleep and overall rest

  • Supports menstrual periods (reduce pain)

  • Supports sexual health

  • Supports muscle and joint functioning

  • Sanitizes: kills germs, when applied topically to the skin


Wild Lettuce Alternatives

 Another natural way to treat pain and inflammation is by adding CBD oil to your diet. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. Numerous studies showed that CBD oil supports inflammation reduction, may relieve chronic pain, decrease anxiety, support heart health, and sleep quality.

Combining hemp oil with turmeric creates a double powerhouse of anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting benefits that may help with issues such as:

 • subdue epileptic attacks and grand mal seizures

 • pains caused by arthritis

 • improve cellular function

 • help with joint pains

 • depression and anxiety relief support

 • blood sugar level support


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