How to Prepare and What to Do When, From Experts That Have Been Asked Every Question

Seeing people every day in various stages of preparedness, Bill and Jan Sterrett of Carolina Readiness Supply, have a lot of knowledge that they can share about the right and wrong ways to prepare.

Find out when to use MREs, Freeze Dried Foods, dehydrated foods and canned goods after a crisis- and when to use them during the crisis.

Learn about bartering, what to barter, and what to store that you can use as barter. Learn about storing water, storing foods, and storing oil so it won’t go rancid. Find out where to store your food, and it is not the same place you are going to want to store your toilet paper.

Find out the basic needs for storage, and where to get the most bang for your dollar.

Find out about their upcoming hands-on learning event (Heritage Life Skills) where you can actually practice skills that you need to know.

Find out about all this and more during this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show.

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