Berkey Water Purifiers | Waynesville, NC

We are proud to provide Waynesville, NC with the amazing Berkey Water Purifiers. One of the most important, and possibly most overlooked, areas of preparedness planning is water. We must have water in order to survive. Water is the most important factor in staying alive, and therefore should be at the top of the preparedness plan list. We all have a primary source of water. What if the primary water source was compromised and could no longer be used? Do you have an alternate plan? Have you identified your secondary water sources? How will you retrieve and carry this water? If the need arises, how will you purify your water and make it suitable for drinking? These are all good questions. Let us help you with your water purification and water storage plans. At Carolina Readiness Supply we are proud to provide quality water purification systems from Berkey™, Katadyn™, and Lifestraw™. We also carry a great selection of water purification tablets, water straws, bottles, containers and storage tanks.
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