Food Storage Supplies

At Carolina Readiness Supply we have all the materials you will need to package your food for long term storage. We carry the highest quality HDPE food grade 4 and 7 gaz buckets with gamma seal lids, Mylar (oxygen barrier) bags, oxygen absorbers and moisture desiccants.

Mylar Bags- A Mylar bag is a vapor barrier bag that blocks oxygen, moisture and light, the three big enemies when it comes to food storage. All of the Mylar bags have a minimum of 5.4 mils thick for better long-term storage of emergency supplies.

Oxygen Absorbers- Oxygen Absorber packets absorb the oxygen in stored dry food to help preserve product quality and protect the food from insects.

Buckets- We have stack able, reusable buckets for all your storage needs.

Gamma Lids- Gamma Lids are perfect for your food storage buckets. They are air tight, liquid tight, pest tight, reusable, stack able and nearly indestructible!


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