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6" Bread Slicer - Silver Handle

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Product Description:

Try the Rada  Bread Knife and get the perfect slice of bread every time!

There's no kind of bread out there that this serrated bread knife isn't cut out for.  Bread loaves, hoagie buns, pound cakes, and more can be sliced without crumbling or squishing, courtesy of the blade's surgical-quality steel and razor-sharp serration.

At 6 inches, the blade makes this the best bread knife when it comes to slicing smaller loaves of bread such as banana bread, fruit bread, pumpkin bread, rye bread, or even shortcake.  The toothed-edge effortlessly glides through thick, crusty breads as easily as it does soft, fluffy ones. Use it on bagels, rolls, and any other bread that passes through your kitchen.

And it's not just great for breads.  Try it on fibrous vegetables such as cabbage or celery, or fruit with a tough skin, such as pineapple. This knife is not just specialized, but versatile!

The word is out, and it's good; those who use the Bread Knife consider it an indispensable part of their kitchen.