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Absolute Anarchy

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Absolute Anarchy Is The Preppers Bible. Learn the things you must know and acquire the skills you need to survive a state of Absolute Anarchy.
There is a strong sense permeating the psyche of millions of Americans that our country is currently experiencing a constitutional crisis, an economic collapse, and the potential for a major Islamic terrorist attack, any of which will bring about a societal collapse. Such a collapse will thrust our nation into a state of absolute anarchy, destroy the American way of life, and lead to the extermination of as much as ninety percent of our citizens. To increase their chances of survival, many Americans have undertaken the task of preparing for the collapse; they have become preppers.
Some have been prepping for years but many are new to the idea and experience difficulty determining how to go about it. Absolute Anarchy provides you with the knowledge and a set of practical exercises that will allow you to gain the skills necessary to become a self-reliant prepper, fully capable to contend with a complete societal collapse.
Absolute Anarchy answers the following questions:
•What am I preparing for?
•What duration should I prepare for?
•What is the difference between preppers, self-reliant preppers, and survivalist preppers?
•Why should I be a prepper?
•What are the necessary basic prepper knowledge and skills?
•What are the things a prepper must do to be fully prepared?
•Should I join a prepper group, commonly referred to as a MAG (mutual assistance group)?
•Should I Bug Out or Bug In when the Schumer hits the fan (SHTF)?
•What are the basic requirements for selecting a bug-out location BOL?
•Do I need a Bug-Out Bag (BOB) and/or Get-Home Bag (GHB)?
•How Does a Prepper Know When to Bug Out or Bug In?
•What action do I take if trapped far away from home when the SHTF?
•What are the moral standards toward which a prepper should strive?
•Must I make changes in the way I think?
•How much food should I stockpile?
•Should I keep a cash reserve?
•Should I learn to barter?
•What are the options for power if the grid fails?
•What should I do when the SHTF?
•How do I contend with martial law?
•What are the suggested prepper firearms?