American Oligarch

American Oligarch

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The Mad Mick’s new employer, Walter Lightspeed, has promised great things for America. Lightspeed cleared the way for his rise to power by skimming the dead weight off government, assassinating a legion of career politicians, lobbyists, and agency heads. Now only one barrier remains between him and the presidency—wrangling the support of the military.

If he lives that long.

Conor and Ricardo have their concerns about Lightspeed, but that’s not enough to make them surrender their lucrative contract work with him. If Lightspeed can do the things he promises, their small company will be well-positioned in his new administration. In fact, Conor is already making major changes in preparation for it, taking steps back home he thought he'd never take.

But great reward only comes with great risk. As Conor soon finds out, it’s not only Walter Lightspeed and his employees who share in those risks. When you operate at this level, even family becomes fair game.