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American Reset

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After a complete failure of the global economic system, Matt and Karen Bair, a struggling middle-class couple, are forced to walk away from their South Florida home and everyone they know. The US dollar has become worthless leaving the country without a functioning currency. Police, fire, EMS and other government services grind to a standstill, stores are unable to resupply, and the criminal element goes unchecked.
The broken US government, which created the upheaval, imposes a totalitarian solution upon the survivors of the mayhem. The crumbling empire clutches the remnants of power in its dying hand and the ultimate contest between liberty and tyranny reaches the apex. The lines of revolution are drawn and a vicious civil war ensues.
The Bair family and their neighbors learn the true value of community as they rely on each other to survive the war and the ongoing effects of the financial meltdown. Will the collapse bring an oppressive regime that enslaves the American people, or will the patriots prevail and guide the country back to a place of freedom, peace and prosperity?