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Ashes of the Unspeakable: The Borrowed World Series, Book Two

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In THE BORROWED WORLD, Franklin Horton showed us an America brought to its knees by a nationwide terror attack. The target? The American infrastructure. Cell phone connections were sporadic. Electrical power had failed. Mortar attacks on major fuel refineries had created a gas shortage, stranding travelers throughout the country. One of those stranded travelers, Jim Powell, and his group of coworkers were frantically trying to make their way home using just the gear on their backs and whatever other means they found at their disposal. It was a journey wracked with violent, deadly encounters and exhausting physical demands, pushing each of them to the brink of their abilities. Meanwhile, on the other side of Virginia, Jim's family was facing their own struggle as desperate neighbors began to turn against each other with increasing brutality. In the second installment in this series, ASHES OF THE UNSPEAKABLE, we find Jim and his group still struggling to reach home. While just a few days have passed since the attack, the group finds that their country is descending into a vicious, chaotic landscape. While they fight to close the distance between themselves and their loved ones, they cannot avoid the growing number of people who have realized that they can do whatever they want in a world where there are no longer any legal consequences for their actions. At home, Jim's family is forced into hiding after the local jail discharges its starving inmates, leading to the arrival of new, extremely violent presence in their community. The stranger begins a deadly campaign to drive families from their homes and take their possessions. Jim’s wife, Ellen, must struggle to keep her family safe, while each night a neighbor’s home is burned to the ground.