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Ava's Crucible: Embers of Empire

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America has fallen. Ava’s band of misfits is all that stands between freedom and absolute tyranny.

Political division in the United States has reached the boiling point and the Second American Civil War is well underway. Communist agitators have stolen the election by intimidating voters from key states. A far-left socialist candidate has seized the reins of power and his designs against the republic are absolute. With a sympathetic congress, he will sign in sweeping bans on firearms, criminalize free speech, and institute a new government agency to root out dissenters.

Ava’s group will launch an insurgency campaign against the occupying force in Texas, but they’ll have to watch out for agents who have been tasked with purging the patriots. Her team cannot fail in their mission to liberate the Lone Star State. If Texas falls, America’s demise is all but certain.