Betrayal: Society Lost, Volume Two

Betrayal: Society Lost, Volume Two

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After leaving Spence and the rescued girls with JÓ§rgen and the remainder of his group, former Sheriff Jessie Townsend traveled the new and unforgiving world alone and on foot, continuing his quest to find his sister.

Still suffering tremendously from his tragic loss, Jessie walked the Earth a prisoner of his own thoughts. Although each of his days had a purpose, continuing on his quest that may or may not end before his death, Jessie felt a certain level of emotional numbness that only being alone could provide him.

After his loss, as well as the other tragic losses of life he had witnessed since leaving his homestead high in the Rocky Mountains, Jessie enjoyed the solitude. He knew that the joys of friendship and love could lead to heartache and tragedy. No, if he died alone in this world, no one would have to shed a tear, no one would have to risk their life for his, and his choices would only put himself in harm's way. That cold, and empty simplicity seemed to be a good fit for Jessie as he headed east into the unknown of what may lay ahead.

Although Jessie found solitude in his empty heart - solitude that he felt he desperately needed - not a day went by that he didn't think back to those who he had encountered along the way. In this mad and twisted world, devoid of law, order, and the civility that people around the world had come to expect as the norm prior to the great collapse, Jessie knew that there were still good people out there. Good people who would have to face the evil that this lawless and dangerous new world had spawned once the walls of society came crumbling down around them.