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Breakfast Pack

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This Breakfast Variety Pack is designed to help you prepare hot, delicious, and nutritious breakfasts in a matter of minutes during times of uncertainty. It also doubles as a way to prepare quick breakfasts for the family any day of the week. You’ll have six individual meal components that will kick-start your day with great flavor, nutrition, and energy. To prepare, simply add water and cook, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll enjoy appetizing and satisfying meals like scrambled eggs, hash browns, and creamy hot cereal

  • Use for long term food storage, emergency preparedness and survival food
  • Keep on hand for everyday use or camping
  • 6 varieties in 6 individual large cans
  • Easy to prepare meals, ready in minutes
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • Recipes printed on can labels
  • Six large, industrial size cans with lids
  • Shelf life up to 30 years*