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Brutal Business: The Mad Mick Series, Book 3

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The Mad Mick Series is a post-apocalyptic fan favorite. There's no prepper tips, no helpful information, just fast-paced post-apocalyptic adventure.

When newcomers arrive in Conor Maguire's territory, they bring word of an enemy approaching from the north. They wear military uniforms, carry military weapons, and drive military trucks. Like a plague of locusts, they sweep through every town in their path and pick it clean. In their wake, they leave ashes and atrocity.

When it appears this enemy is on a collision course with their community, Conor must build an army to intercept them. This is no easy task since his daughter's abrasive manner has divided the community. Their hasty alliance will be tested. Roles and relationships will be challenged.

Against this larger, more highly-trained force, it falls on Conor to do what he does best. To rain chaos, savagery, and utter devastation upon his enemy. After all, there's a reason they call him The Mad Mick.