Erebus: An Apocalyptic Thriller

Erebus: An Apocalyptic Thriller

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After lying in wait for millions of years, deep within the Earth beneath Mount Erebus on the frozen continent of Antarctica, an unforeseen threat emerges, leaving a scientific research team to face the horrors that await them at the bottom of the world, alone.

***WINNER of the 2018 listener awards THRILLER OF THE YEAR!***

"Totally unique apocalypse: an unintended release sets the apocalypse in motion..."

"Erebus pushed all my right buttons; an Antarctic, foreboding setting, unearthing a biologic disaster hidden for millennia and a race to save humanity from it..."

"This is a captivating thriller..."

"Sci-Fi fans beware! Honestly, I was a bit surprised by the thrill and intensity of this story..."

Steven Bird is also the author of The New Homefront Series, as well as the Society Lost Series. His work can also be found in several Kindle Worlds novellas, including The Edge of Civility and JET: Dangerous Prey.