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The Infidel's Guide To Understanding Islam, ISIS, and the Quran

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Islam is a socio-political system founded on a set of irrevocable and unchanging religious laws written in the 7th century in a book called the Quran (Koran) by a man named Mohammed (Muhammad). Not all commands are valid because, even though the Quran is not written in chronological order, only the author’s last word on any subject stands. These facts and many more tend to obscure the true meaning and intent of Islam.
Who was Mohammed?
What did he teach throughout his life?
Was he a prophet or a warlord?
Did Mohammed actually marry a six-year-old girl?
Is Islam a religion of peace or of violence?
How do you read and interpret the Quran?
Was the Quran actually written by Mohammed as an inspired book that cannot be altered?
Why are the laws and practices of Islam the same as they were in the 7th century?
What is ISIS? Where did they come from and what do they want?
Are terrorists and fundamentalist actually following the Quran?
Does the Quran teach of an apocalypse?
Do fundamental Muslims want a global war and why?

Does the Quran really support polygamy, marriage to children, animal sacrifice, slavery, and such cruelty as stoning, beating, amputation and decapitation?
Why are so many believers eager to kill and die for Islam?
Do Muslims actually believe there will be 70 virgins for each man in heaven?
What is the truth the faithful know and will not say?

In this book we will answer all of these questions and more.
We will use direct quotes from major clerics and the Quran to reveal the truth about Islam.
We will see that some sects of Islam are full of love and peace, living deep and mystical lives, while others breed hate and contempt. We will discuss the differences between these paths.
We will look into the plans of fundamental clerics to take over Europe and then the U.S. and see why they are so sure of their success they do not bother to hide their agenda or strategy. Can they be stopped?

Included here are the answers to all these questions along with a copy of the Quran in English and instruction on its interpretation so each statement can be checked and verified. You will learn about the rule of Abrogation that clerics use to properly interpret the Quran. We will see how this one rule has obscured the true meaning of the faith from those not deeply familiar with Islam. In the end, you will understand what is happening in the world and why.