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Italian Style Pepper Steak with Rice & Tomatoes

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You need protein to help you regain strength after a long day on the trail, and that's exactly what you'll get with Mountain House Italian Pepper Steak. Made with real, seasoned beef strips, our Italian Pepper Steak packs a punch of flavor alongside colorful veggies and filling long grain rice. Enjoy a home-cooked favorite any time, anywhere - all you need is hot water and you can have delicious steak without ever busting out the grill.

Mountain House Italian Pepper Steak is available in two sizes:

  • Pouch - Steak on the go? Yep, it's a thing. Our Pouches make the perfect companion for your next camping trip, hiking spree or hunting excursion.
  • #10 Can - It's good to have a backup just in case, and with our #10 Cans, you'll have 30 years of guaranteed freshness to cook up when you need it. Great for emergency food supplies or those days where cooking seems like a huge undertaking.