Lamentations for the Fallen - Descent

Lamentations for the Fallen - Descent

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And I will turn your feasts into mourning, and all your songs into lamentation.
Amos 8:10

Thanks to Caleb’s and Bristol’s bravery, Cocke County has been freed from the Koontz family’s greedy grip. However, in a world that is being savaged by an economically induced famine, the local criminal cartel is far from the only threat.
To combat the growing crisis, President Teivel signs the Restore America Act into law. The new legislation grants emergency powers to FEMA enabling them to set up shelter and sustenance centers in all major metro areas. The Restore America Act mandates that all citizens report to the nearest relief center or face involuntary relocation.

Caleb and Bristol ignore the unconstitutional order but while on a scavenging mission to gather medical supplies, they butt heads with a military patrol searching for survivors in Newport. They try to escape but to no avail. Caleb and Bristol are detained and transported to the Knoxville FEMA super complex. Trying to evade the military earns them a trip to Camp 11, Resocialization, which is set up for wayward citizens who need to be taught to appreciate what their magnanimous government is trying to do for them.

Once there, they learn that Camp 11 is far from the most egregious form of FEMA’s compulsory compassion. Caleb and Bristol will have to be on their toes to not get sucked further down the rat hole before they get an opportunity to escape.