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Mac and Cheese

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There are few things in this world that are better than macaroni and cheese. But enjoying your favorite comfort food isn't always easy, especially if you find yourself in some faraway land without access to all the fixin's for that perfect bowl of cheesy goodness - that is until Mountain House Mac and Cheese came along.

With our freeze-dried mac and cheese, you can enjoy a tasty, protein-packed meal anywhere, anytime. Simply add boiling water and your bowl of cheesy goodness will be ready to devour in a flash. Available in a couple sizes to cater to your specific needs and appetite:

  • Pouch - What better way to end a long day of hiking than with a hot bowl of mac and cheese? And if you forgot to bring dishes on your camping trip, no worries - just add hot water and you can have dinner right from the Pouch.
  • #10 Can - Maybe you're stocking up on your emergency food storage, or perhaps you like Mountain House Mac and Cheese so much that you want to eat it every day for all eternity. Whatever the situation, our #10 Can is backed by a 30 Year Taste Guarantee so you can stock up on your favorite meal and save it for when you need it most.