Neighborhood Watch #5

Neighborhood Watch #5

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The storm is over.
But what is left of the neighborhood?

Frank's problems grow exponentially with each sunrise. After the storm passes and the water recedes, every flooded house must be re-occupied by its owners, leaving endless opportunities for criminals to sneak in. Squatters appear everywhere. Chaos builds upon chaos. And, guess what? There are no police cars, fire trucks, or FEMA trailers coming to the rescue...

The prize called survival will go to whatever subdivision can pull itself together first.

It won't be easy. Borders between groups of residents are forming. To the south, where most of the people live, gun battles echo on the wind, and roadblocks are already going up to keep them away. To the north, the shady town of North Pointe has been making new friends in the adjacent subdivisions. And to the west, on the coast, the storm has brought in a new and unpredictable neighbor. A beached container ship with a mysterious cargo...

To the east, however, there might be hope. A crashed plane in the forest deposits a resource that might help get the lights back on for Clownfish Cove.

All Frank has to do is gather his people, drive into the unmapped forest, deal with armed strangers and criminal teenagers, and then get the resource back home to Clownfish Cove...

He's living the retirement dream.

The day-by-day saga continues on day 6 after the EMP.

Warning: This book has one incident involving suicide, and discussions of such. It happens in the last lines of chapter 10, and is discussed for a bit of chapter 11. For personal reasons, I take this subject very seriously.