PowerPAK 10  Jump Starter
PowerPAK 10  Jump Starter

PowerPAK 10 Jump Starter

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The PowerPAK10 is a mini battery pack that has multiple purpose function; from charging computer devices via USB or starting a car or boat.* The PowerPAK10 features a 10,000mah battery, USB port, and LED light. The unit can be charged via wall mount, car adapter, or solar panel.

This mini power pack is small enough to store in glove-compartment, purse, or even your back pocket but powerful enough to start a car or marine motor. Lightweight powerful 10,000 mah LiPo polymer battery provides maximum power that evenly discharges and will quickly recharge via multiple adapters. (wall, car-adapter, or solar panel.)

Simple to use interface with lighted power status bar display and built-in LED for added functionality.  The 10,000mah battery is powerful enough to recharge DC devices as well as jump start automotive and marine motors up to 10 continuous times before requiring a recharge. (1L to 3L size motors)