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Raspberry Crumble

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Mountain House Raspberry Crumble blends a delicious raspberry sauce with chocolate cookie crumbs for a decadent dessert that can be enjoyed anywhere - even if you don't have an oven for baking. Just add hot water and you can indulge in this chocolatey yet fruity dessert at the crag, on the beach, or in your own kitchen.

Mountain House's freeze dried raspberry crumble comes in two sizes - choose one or both to suit your appetite:

  • Pouch - After a long day of hiking or climbing, it's OK to want some sort of reward. Our pouches of freeze dried raspberry crumble are great camping desserts to take with you on your next adventure. They're small enough to stuff in your duffel, yet filling enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • #10 Can - Whether you're stocking your emergency food supply or you just really love our raspberry crumble recipe, our #10 Cans give you roughly 12 servings of deliciousness - enough for the whole family to enjoy.

When you need dessert - and fast - look no further than our Raspberry Crumble. It's great for chocolate lovers and fruit fans alike.