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Now that an EMP has sent the United States into a Dark Age, Andrea, Lexie and Sarah must survive despite the loss of technology, and worse, the threats of marauders and lawless opportunists. The appearance of FEMA camps might be reassuring except the military seem determined to force civilians into them. Is the US government also a threat?

Those who've survived the first months since the PULSE are nearing the end of their resources or wits. Can the girls and their families muster the resilience not to succumb to the lure of the government camps or other dangers?

Andrea and her family have the Martins and a growing community of survivors to help them get by.
Lexie longs for the day when she and Blake can get married and have a family--if they live long enough!
Sarah and Richard hope to reach Aunt Susan's in Indiana; but what must they become to get there alive?
Can the US recover from the loss of technology before everyone and everything is destroyed?