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The Appalachian Ninja

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In the Appalachian Ninja, Spencer Bolejack teaches from the folk traditions of rural Appalachia and the innovative skills and wisdom of the Japanese ninja. By examining the 18 skills of ninjutsu, as expressed through Appalachian culture, Spencer points the way to a more harmonious existence and relationship with the natural world. Volume 1 includes sensory development, repurposing junk into valuable items, clothing as a tool, meteorology, medicinal plants and forest foods, navigation, teamwork, strategies of leadership and a look at escape and evasion with an eye toward history and the importance of teaching a new generation. * essential tips for the student of survival and thrival * more than 50 color pages with original photographs * over 20 line drawing illustrations by the author * 47 games and drills for your family, team, class *resources and contact information, sneak peek at Vol. 2 Spencer 2 Dogs Bolejack operates Land of the Sky Wilderness School in Western North Carolina where he lives with his wife and three kids. As apprentice of mountain man Eustace Conway in the 1990s, Bolejack holds rank in multiple styles of martial arts including Tang Soo Do, Kenpo, Integrated MA and Ninjutsu. After a rough start at Appalachian State, he gave everything away and moved into the woods for a total of three years, surviving on little and accumulating many of the skills in this book. Eventually graduating from UNC-Asheville, he has taught public school, won state level awards from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, has been published in More Best Practices for Middle School Teachers and has taught internationally. The 11th generation Carolinian also co-hosted 59 episodes of Discovery's Hillbilly Blood.