The Endarkened

The Endarkened

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The eleventh installment in the bestselling Borrowed World series.

Originally launched in 2015, the first book in this series spawned a fictional universe that inspired
two spin-off series, over two dozen books, and over one million copies sold.

After nearly a year and a half without power, Jim Powell’s community has begun to stabilize. The Reset Roadhouse—Jim’s apocalyptic bar, restaurant, and trading post—gave his people something to do and helped expand his network of friends and contacts. The establishment has become a hub of the community and is allowing Jim to better monitor what goes on in the town. Then the promise of electricity changes everything.

When Walter Lightspeed took the office of President of the United States, he swore to deliver power to the people. He appears to be living up to his promise, but what will that mean for small-town America? Can people surrender their weapons and resume their old lives? All those questions are pushed to the side as people are consumed with the dream that things might soon be normal again.

But will they?