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We Won't Go Quietly

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Lauren Russell, her family, and the community of Trout Run Valley have been blessed with a workable blueprint for overcoming nearly insurmountable odds—odds that have surmounted against them and others like them, since the blackout, subsequent decline of society, and the world’s devolution.

The aftermath of the most recent onslaught; a ruthless attack by a menacing enemy, has left them reeling in its wake, leaving a once-sustainable food supply damaged beyond repair and two of their own senselessly murdered. Rebuilding will require time—time they no longer have—following the discovery of yet another tribulation in this unending apocalypse.

When various species of wildlife that the community has depended on for life-giving food begin to abruptly die off and several residents become afflicted with an unidentified illness, it soon becomes evident that another adversary, one that former DHS Agent Christian had forewarned of in earnest, has not yet written them off.

A decision is made in desperation. Several inhabitants must leave the safety and security of the valley that once provided them with so much plenty and venture out into the precarious unknown that lays beyond its borders, in search of medical assistance and to acquire provisions or otherwise, become victims of the atrocious actions enacted by constituents of the former federal government.

Meanwhile, Lauren’s grandmother, Faith Gallo, has been amassing her own form of defiance inside the FEMA camp she and hundreds of others have unwillingly been confined to. However, her actions have not gone unnoticed. Threats are made and an ultimatum is given, yet Faith stands her ground, refusing to submit. An unwavering response to her oppressors draws a line firmly into the sand and indicates a promise that a revolution beckons, even in event of her death: