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0:05 they will call

0:09 in the

0:11 they asked to you unit for this class

0:13 yesterday

0:16 so I won't go start out with took some

0:22 chance to live here stack them up shopping with a bunch of different stuff

0:27 yesterday from shopping with so the more common calibers

0:34 letter to be found out that five classics

0:37 binos 1556 and they are

0:40 three away it's in sixty

0:46 50 a nothing to 180 see what happens him

0:52 193 which is a 556 55 grain

0:56 me and I found higher which is the green tea and why

1:01 armor penetrator right that is a misnomer

1:06 the real purpose been im

1:11 855 is to produce to

1:14 moon tracks president urs

1:18 the penetrator tip breaks all

1:22 which is the smaller hardly wait in the greater chokers laying breaks of

1:27 produces two wooden track that's what it's about and also with the greater

1:31 weight it carries a longer this

1:33 I with the in 1932 55 grain of any

1:38 against the year a to name a fad

1:43 that surround that you want with promises for both

1:48 I'll my spirit

1:51 last month my nephew the files over

1:54 send there we are

2:00 a gotta make a brand new year 45 nine-millimeter

2:03 22 so on and so forth so

2:06 here is our test in parameter is it red net

2:14 ballistic J 656

2:20 and then three more a to about six suspected

2:25 were gonna do hey here's

2:28 is going to help me take things apart so you

2:31 we have some penetration from the back and hopefully we'll be able to

2:36 craters with where they went in on the fruit

2:39 goin' citizens to my 13 aiders

2:47 I'll a thousand it right which is your stay near zero

2:52 right okay

2:55 right here started the top Mike Kaminski connection to bed

3:01 we had a hundred percent penetration with 22

3:04 nine-day-old AK everything that was in shock went through the first four

3:10 everything are maturing is

3:16 you have been thinking about haiti something like this

3:19 for ballistic protection you may be thinking about

3:24 12 ish tree you got your did you wanna

3:27 I you better know what

3:32 your every series gonna shoot age

3:37 I one surprise anybody all want to do is inform

3:40 people if you really look at this stuff is

3:45 yes they do okay

3:48 100 percent penetration into it is it

3:56 100 percent penetration 14

4:05 we're talking to 22 live you later that you use a

4:10 seven millimeter mag and so on and so forth if I use

4:14 she 300 Win Mag call it the many

4:21 it that is Warren player shooting

4:25 sweet be sick with and media

4:31 perfect detail shooters

4:35 I well I guess is

4:39 ended the day he citizen Iran Israel

4:45 sure update your base fun right right now we're pulling off a minute

4:50 people yes you

4:54 I

5:03 I what I think this man would

5:07 one is what I have into

5:10 I pretty much got the results are not expected

5:13 six-inches' I'll

5:17 treated pine 22

5:21 penetrated and is launched right there

5:29 you know what of

5:33 45 but self

5:38 one 45 such a large

5:42 slow-moving both is not meant penetrate mayors

5:46 is the deal with flesh a

5:53 36 train car projected think its all ok with him a look at that and see

6:00 as a federal 1,250 feet per second

6:04 a whole wanna make much difference where the

6:08 around the third

6:15 I meet people expected in 22 to get through six inches

6:18 under

6:21 is underrated yes you're not surprised at all

6:26 was this headline

6:29 you need more as first step

6:32 maybe people twenty-two's

6:35 they'll kill you 500 your their cues

6:39 slow 500 and I gotta go

6:42 luncheon pieces of we're going to poke holes

6:47 the that 45 John

6:51 after the civil war there is a lot of discussion tonight will you go to a

6:57 smaller caliber

6:58 where means for Cal wanna go from 68 was not sixty

7:02 50 56 was get warm BCHL

7:05 in civil war sustainer gallup but it becomes a black powder for pale

7:11 you know him possible austere 14 or 15

7:15 100 feet per second people worry day

7:19 a smaller caliber bullet with he'll be 800

7:23 30 I'll sit wouldn't work

7:32 so that was

7:33 perception versus reality hopefully we'll get through a little bit more

7:38 percent now somebody's Rams did not penetrate the next six inches

7:44 and see if there's a way correlate the

7:47 for yeah

7:50 this is the back report but then it raises

7:57 three away make a and even surprising me and im 5'5

8:02 I miss him and 193 the factory in ground for an OK or

8:07 about turns confusing by you is am I getting them on

8:11 very ok no problem and AR

8:17 an ar-15 as

8:21 556 she's great good game day

8:25 gotta they'd be killed by

8:28 yeah and you know what

8:33 yeah a

8:37 she brought up a valid point

8:41 while low recall she's good today 55 ran

8:46 you can you could not a guy out at six hundred meters seen by

8:49 I'm here with a different experience set about trying his hardest

8:53 your experience at everything making me a liar today

8:57 569 500 good

9:03 plus you have that extra router

9:06 other 62 grain is two hundred feet per second slow and also whenever you're

9:10 looking at your

9:11 book major boxes or data

9:15 is the most velocity and muzzle velocities for 20 H bear

9:22 you're carrying an even four

9:24 and 216 age where and another

9:27 at least 200 feet per second i think is about right the real owners and your

9:32 names got into it right now

9:34 I think I'm telling you about like last time outlook

9:37 today shorter barrel college

9:40 one maybe instead of six hundred meters

9:44 but it will be a fair now may prevent the fun and now

9:49 also most blast who have your shoes at nine

9:54 good all day and the

9:57 okay

10:01 mid-may rescue you our remit

10:05 in your training regime got one in my backyard mine never close wilson's

10:13 closed you better take it with one out there

10:18 in shoe did not take a look at the muzzle blast

10:22 1 so that you know what the other guy sees when you shoot at him

10:27 also

10:30 I like taking a couple different guns and ammo I think to look

10:34 and Russian stuff the

10:38 a half and a green tea is in the 55 grain s do not is from in just compare

10:44 what you'll see people talk about Russian and where you don't see too much

10:49 except a little bit extra

10:50 third in the chamber until you shoot at nine when you shoot a good quality

10:56 American amo

10:57 or wolf gold is made in Taiwan

11:01 for PMC which is a

11:05 Korean muzzle flash boom you know you get a nice christmas snowflake

11:10 maybe get a little more when you shoot Russian name I get a flyer

11:14 any rush family

11:16 causing the major damage using complete combustion

11:19 you should anything you see of the mobile store

11:23 little sparkle in different directions

11:26 so it's pretty playin visual stuff to see what's going on

11:32 engage a ram prime the 22

11:39 didn't penetrate through villages would not a surprise

11:43 the 55 grain even the tool

11:51 55 doing for those are you worried about

11:54 quality not been somebody down to I'm don't worry bottom heavy rains a two-run

12:02 shot

12:02 I'll I don't have and maybe have it I can remember three rounds that were

12:07 failures

12:07 fire I one it did every passing minute

12:11 implement this for them bear have a three-way

12:16 and and then the other

12:19 I had one with Paul just little pop Rama Rao

12:23 nothing that belongs to my son didn't win is AR

12:27 Nepal one slim 40 the Muses

12:33 for this is and I had very little problems and achieve

12:37 okay you make fast lap straight to it 88 straight to

12:42 is big choker with this message here

12:46 as in a cave make a 7-6 2

12:51 has a diameter about thirty nine millimeter

12:55 caseli weigh 223 during use

13:00 224

13:04 every short ranges

13:05 isley hey is then uses win

13:12 and to the language I'm gonna what happened

13:16 the AK lost a little bit us to build because it leaves a muzzle

13:20 2000 325 feet per second

13:24 we have gas

13:31 is again remember that is a

13:35 760 54 or real Russian

13:39 promos in the Gulf mostly gone is the recent 23 away

13:44 in full K characteristics it's a tapered case

13:49 Russian smart can't take your case has less problems gerrymander

13:55 crack and then be radium allows a big ol extractor

14:00 pol to reach in their lives que se

14:03 that's what their steel case comes out work so well

14:08 in the russians is actually illustrates

14:13 lease I can see it here you accept my description for a moment the terminal

14:18 ballistics

14:19 I'm in a game versus the three away three late 147 grain nato

14:25 2,750 feet per second at a hundred and

14:30 50 grams when it also means house a higher velocity

14:35 I don't like to meet our spinners measure goes in at barely

14:39 you know it except that's been maintained so

14:43 at this rate this range it it maintained his

14:47 stability to live with it

14:51 give it a shot were you just put all run you might blow some and back

14:55 it hit it to the bone or something but it would probably be pretty clean hole

15:00 to muscle mass and the short-run KK had already

15:06 with guns started to fit develop

15:09 not a y'all it's like instability it is designed to do that is not a wall

15:19 when it is nice fit in as fast as a bball so

15:22 it means is stability is JR stop

15:25 scopic stability is not as great which means

15:29 when the nose hit something in

15:33 it slows down

15:35 well and ski the tail and

15:38 doesn't in it so that probably better

15:43 a greater range is a team to do that in greater ranges rather

15:47 if his the 55 grain a-arm designed to do

15:51 the talk about telling voters ok bunch of BS and stuff like that

15:57 what it is it's a reduced I purchased a building so that it

16:00 forced to flee been cited by

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