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Video Transcript:

0:06 me the all seeing the results above

0:08 I mean other than the blue

0:14 its nasty

0:19 there's a couple were smaller chips as for the fuse when Ian

0:24 in this year's summit these

0:28 Israel every fact raises over the years what you think about

0:32 this going somewhere through the years is this what a pipe bomb using

0:39 and these images rubin sure I would like to get me

0:45 all this stuff back please this is over pineapple grenade is this is really arm

0:52 from

0:52 you know this is Smoky Mountain knife works for some

0:56 and im jus rearmed by have this and didn't shatter

1:01 that much those pieces there

1:08 were laying on the ground

1:11 an explosion force them into the ground

1:15 two years been

1:18 within 10 meters overnight

1:22 doing all yeah

1:25 you know who's the world ok and it wasn't easy

1:36 I have a grenade

1:36 action on that bad because the nature that

1:40 design the way it lays blast actually

1:44 teens to be reaction his it when it expires

1:47 tends to push it up so

1:52 and this may be useful to you Sunday works for me

1:56 when a good day he s

1:59 and you're yelling Gurnee you not gonna run ever get

2:04 you tear you take three steps

2:09 keep getting a grant you joe went you tighten your speakers

2:16 are you still have one you put your feet again

2:22 the vast majority of the time you'll walk away

2:27 your walk away nice a three-state 7309

2:32 no don't be vertical when I think goes all

2:36 because that blast is gonna go like that I'm not saying you might not get your

2:41 pain to you may not get something

2:42 very well might the probability this is

2:45 common military knowledge your day

2:50 12 3 Diana go down

2:54 ball up didn't get the Hello

2:57 get ready for his company behind if it is a modern

3:02 United like a baseball grenade this has a

3:06 fragmentation shale meaning the actual

3:09 sheila macvicar Navy is the one producing age

3:13 modern grenades have records free use of

3:18 is cut up into little hello

3:21 C rations on its second annual these about them all

3:25 and what they do

3:29 as a different story there's a real there's two reasons for the ball

3:33 would you do it like a baseball the second is

3:38 because it is more rounded you get a lower

3:41 blast perfect so

3:45 what would be the reaction today exactly the same bill is only damn thing you can

3:50 do

3:50 and what it means is you're going to get your feet papered up

3:54 big-time pieces in your book are your main arteries there anything else

3:59 hopefully

4:00 you know you can still walk away from your name going off

4:04 you to Whall it is only at this is Hubert

4:08 and just another day Baltimore Merkel

4:15 playing some armor I was talking about us back to where

4:19 whoever is

4:22 yours not I would you reveal your secrets

4:25 you know wanna raise your hand or something it please feel

4:30 free to in Lynn with you let's say you're injured retrieved Anderson hey

4:36 guys do near

4:37 and and there's a a lot of here and get your

4:43 trustee bold action the rifle in your lineup with your scope and you start

4:49 knocking them all

4:50 this is an extreme situation we're talking about I would say yes that's a

4:56 good idea if there had a range

4:58 in your weapons 0

5:02 is not too many things in between you

5:06 and you can engage them and it is we won't get into the tactics

5:15 that would be a viable situation for a bolt-action

5:18 the other useful bolt action would be

5:21 has those in the mother plastered

5:25 so my running a house near to the sniper position of course

5:29 the yet soldiers here

5:33 been in ongoing it in a firefight

5:37 how many rounds is it normal guy it's been sayin

5:41 fairly brief firefight 100

5:44 300 500 files any experience with it everyday apology got to you

5:53 yeah speaker incident styles

6:01 a regular infringement you get your five hundred

6:06 as your basic life you know if you have any grievance you may not go home at

6:12 night

6:12 you will go to you will burn through

6:16 you will burn through you will burn through

6:20 you must burn through it

6:23 you cannot burned through five entrance 33

6:27 got me there's a certain limit to the number

6:31 opponent you can engage with voltage

6:36 a semi-hollow and it does not have a large magazine capacity

6:41 you should can

6:44 seriously consider that now what is it happens is with eight hours in a case

6:49 has two categories and 30 interview doing it they are TN

6:57 how many rounds can carry a tree away

7:00 a lot less a those guys are 180 right if you are hoping to write

7:07 a 12 magazines a twin

7:11 answer as a load

7:15 in place twenty anywhere 260 rates

7:18 it I would submit that

7:21 that they're extremely effective if you do get at 301

7:27 speaks with authority if you are dealing

7:32 with flesh in a 556

7:37 little one is more than adequate

7:42 however

7:45 effect flashes inside a vehicle you need someone little white

7:52 55 grain

7:55 is lack the sixty-two grain

7:58 with a green tint is a better selection

8:02 you have to have all expensive green tea a in your

8:05 stay no US alone

8:14 and they care and to bed around dealing with the because all the way to the ball

8:19 it will penetrate him will do damage

8:23 and it will go out the other side some intermediate around

8:27 carrying a lot I'm it there's

8:33 five min I met a guy and he's seventy I think I'll start trip I get all those

8:38 who didn't get this but I am i mean guns

8:41 thank you I have a gun from large magazine past

8:47 I would necessarily telling The Naked now we're telling the Sensex 239

8:53 if you just gonna buy a warning why

8:58 one 220 bucks for 1000 rounds

9:03 have extremely effective it are lively engaging

9:10 ranges three hundred meters or less there are smart

9:14 all the guns fired a router many third works like a champ the NAIA

9:20 an SKS 10 rounds

9:24 and a stripper clip and a magazine SKS

9:29 is a much better weapon and I K make a has a short-sighted radius

9:37 openside front sight post I don't like either open site

9:41 on 12 rushes do it hamburgers are you know what

9:45 are you I'm yes an SKS

9:51 as a longer sight radius and a different locking system an AJ

9:57 is a track it will fire no matter what and they should be in the know for gas

10:03 too

10:04 you know the gas to Wantagh you had a nice little

10:08 black with the arrange as I'm stopping to get

10:12 does that yes is still working

10:17 the Nanjing been a barrel shoot around corners because it is the case

10:21 but it isn't here

10:24 in a record as a it wasn't designed for more than 300 meters

10:30 SKS on other hand not the

10:35 but it's been a good start and then there's a peep sight arrangement Diego

10:39 police like there's a beachside it comes to the back

10:42 I get him one who my now

10:48 we're talking about reach and touch and you guys

10:53 your good list aggressive trivia question hammy

10:58 you guys know who why peep science

11:01 you mean little the A's for the whole in

11:05 is used in american my any speculation yes

11:12 next issue get anything besides a I get anybody willing to speak as they will

11:20 lose the

11:21 the age to move

11:23 you for you I don't tell you exactly what

11:26 an agent I'm gonna go back to ancient times

11:29 you know you know a guy and wings were gonna stradivarius violins you know

11:34 he's getting old name didn't have to I asked lenses

11:39 you know what they've used a use

11:44 a little last with the little teeny little

11:49 pinhole is because a pinhole

11:53 hasn't infinite focus meeting

11:58 if your side you can actually

12:03 tested by doing this to a certain degree but if you do

12:07 clean up for the piano you'll be clear

12:11 he'll be clear an and in there those bushes after the plea

12:15 that's what pinhole it's called

12:18 in our lives as I used to take pictures without limits

12:21 that's what as 12 the you're looking through

12:26 that little pin hole and whole guys like me

12:30 families who going down to go off I'm doing a Braille met

12:39 shit I have discovered fire site you know the plastic United

12:46 I could but to pussy one opposing green ball in between two

12:50 for the orange balls and it's a tard

12:53 that each side with I'm signs alleged issue that relates to

12:58 new that the dead on an SKS is a new banks for increasing capabilities

13:04 them where

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