Dave McCall, Survival Readiness, Ballistics Part Two

Ballistics Part One Ballistics Part Three Body Armor

Video Transcript:

0:07 just saying thanks

0:12 well appear here what I did

0:14 three layers and then I put a ceramic four-time in between the third

0:24 and back during the six that's all it is you say is busted a

0:28 gonna bust RAM bus or

0:31 to see what we've got ravel how did not to the

0:42 only brought one round each in this

0:46 right ceramic to okay

0:54 same as before

0:57 everything Spurs with me

1:01 specialises likens

1:05 hybrid I

1:08 tomorrow

1:12 good is 445

1:18 next week

1:24 we still administration

1:25 from but 222 using

1:30 thing I'll say it they may have gone into each other only see one penetration

1:37 22:40 bat man meal a cage related him 193

1:42 good I'm here again

2:00 8308 new one man's re

2:02 book see signs for these owls

2:06 we probably pro Brandon what happened was it is ceramic

2:11 smack dab dumped its energy

2:16 again so be it also ability to penetrate

2:22 stuff so if you're thinking about

2:26 and some protection I wouldn't do it on your best

2:33 a just don't pay any more

2:39 would nothing going to train is a rear

2:44 is not enough bank that is at stop

2:48 personally I was about halfway surprised I did not

2:53 really expect I don't know what we're gonna find I didn't screw this until

2:57 just now I'm seeing the same thing you'll

2:58 right now we've also got it

3:03 please

3:14 his looks like just regular ceramic I don't think this force

3:16 said you know construction guys tell you have the answers questions please do

3:22 we're going to trade it with a heavier caliber bullets

3:28 me an AK three away

3:31 in the hey all

3:34 the degree of penetration

3:39 weekend trips: his stick in there to see know how far

3:43 back in there they went surround

3:50 and is she names one layer

3:54 problem it's raining any in these hard things is exactly what you're seeing

3:59 here they bragged

4:00 just want to lose internet things they tell you

4:04 spraying them truck bedliner is the holding together

4:09 in keep them from shared a room so much

4:12 just he's going to do the NCO

4:16 anyway good idea

4:19 Thursday here

4:22 yes

4:26 there

4:29 AK

4:34 non-scientific each

4:38 overreach engine and homie

4:50 30 a halfish letters brothers my

4:54 think Alicia 308 hearst fragmented

4:57 if the plate in one man 3

5:03 three-quarters an age

5:08 as pretty with an impressive maybe

5:11 so donate more wood

5:15 also what does this mean you're engaging bad guys

5:20 when you're hiding behind a tree

5:26 that as in a bit

5:32 at this stage true it would

5:36 could maybe absorb a lot better

5:40 and you know love it there if your advantage ok with that

5:43 yeah words maybe she go somewhere

5:47 you use it

5:50 for concealment okay not Cup

5:54 in savings Casey a 50 Cal

5:58 penetrate six-feet for hard pecker

6:03 to crawl into

6:07 can you do look out there

6:10 again this 15 don't even she teacher here he shoots

6:14 down here images

6:18 it takes yeah now there is for review

6:22 but that number on it yeah

6:25 it know that the nomenclature on after

6:28 for rent

6:34 609 a big dreams Tramon

6:36 2,950 feet per second from the 42 which bear

6:41 has a long bear awesome on days

6:45 most sniper weapons don't go with it some other issuers eighteen or twenty

6:49 most average 24 third you can lose

6:53 quite a bit as five months a blast from the shorter

6:59 weapons is overran this all the powers to burn

7:03 when I have some fun she wanted these

7:06 also

7:09 that is for the regulars deal copper jacketed

7:13 lead project that's not all they had

7:17 the armor-piercing review every black Tia

7:20 a as

7:25 10 or 11 feet and then there's what's called a row

7:28 this right is a green tea

7:32 their sixty-five dollars each

7:36 and what they are

7:39 there area titanium penetrator surrounded by an explosive

7:47 a when the

7:51 armored cars are ready to take the wind is related to take fifty-caliber

7:55 this is the one you're talking not talking about armor-piercing your

8:02 armor-piercing

8:02 since India I'm year and AM to you the

8:06 talking about a route as your so

8:10 is very 50 cat was shot

8:14 from over there agree with

8:17 to this building the guardrail

8:22 in the next few in

8:25 agers in understanding their it would still contain

8:29 there's tremendous engine energy in the city

8:34 some ice use one of these against it you get a big time for all

8:37 one because they can possibly arrange it thank you

8:41 with the 300 win mag K you might have a chance to respond

8:45 with three away no I'm ranges

8:51 fast 600 yours that any problems

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