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0:05 okay as

0:07 former me you cancer

0:10 thinking about

0:11 added thinking about it where Michael spend my money how much rules

0:17 be in only well stop what will it do

0:21 okay the ratings are own body armor

0:25 free from him straight on the exact

0:28 level 2 soft body armor

0:32 will stop pistol calibers but not nine millimeters

0:37 prior to 16-inch right both it also has significant difference mention

0:42 own your body then you will go to the hospital

0:45 you will have a bruise but that be the two

0:49 most probably will leave lisette bruised your heart

0:53 level 2 a hey

0:57 after that means it's a little bit higher level a level 2

1:02 be nice to know the exact numbers the layers

1:06 on hand to give 17

1:11 layers never too late

1:15 will stop a little more level 3

1:19 stop up to a 44 mag fired

1:24 more than 50 meters and 38

1:29 the gates big upset again 44 mag thank you so

1:37 3a still considered soft body armor can be worn ran out the house now listed at

1:43 home

1:44 miss really want to get think I'm play with

1:47 feel a little room

1:50 ness about it personal body on

1:51 in next step is for forming some type of heart

1:56 or ballistic play by talks about a five hundred plates for whatever not all this

2:04 comes to

2:05 is a hardened steel no

2:08 you can see up in she listened

2:12 the Jesus that is is everything on this thing from three away

2:16 everything 56

2:19 every caliber pistols no penetration is

2:23 minor Bishop McDevitt deformation

2:26 this is the flight

2:32 flight main good and South Carolina

2:37 towards I'm fun is this the a flat plate when they say it curves like what it

2:43 really is

2:44 is good to be in senator fits right

2:52 now stop now stop anything that gets

2:55 says exit this

2:58 books was a purpose a body on

3:02 are you perfectly protected body armor now you have the arms and legs

3:06 next he its take a nap always comes to

3:10 body armor is

3:13 do is me is least for soccer's concerned that

3:18 you expected to get wounded think he'd be alive long enough to get yeah it's

3:23 just me

3:24 that's what purpose by is a humanitarian

3:30 be like in the matrix or somewhere that bulletproof

3:33 man current like a up with you

3:36 person I was shot in the head

3:40 his occurred

3:44 in the now that's a

3:47 this one flight my partner sergeant major

3:53 old Rangers martial artist mister international want

3:58 travis tritt spine board be difficult to call a bear

4:03 when showing this badge in stage yeah you

4:07 a he said a sitting area

4:11 years body armor SCA to pledge now we need one

4:15 will be running toward enemy minimum wage something to back

4:25 here's a play

4:26 scarier condor

4:30 forty dollars fifty the plate is one of those

4:35 skirt main gun sales this into place for

4:40 140 dollars new take anything that sounds good

4:45 if you want a the Yule owned by dr.

4:50 do you get in

4:55 no my remain as in many Iranian manger like the primary good

5:00 the man who may I and South Carolina use it again chosen things

5:04 is known as if God in

5:08 so here it is munis I listen to larry there's only one in front

5:12 you know you don't want to tell ur

5:16 the it to pay now good evening you're

5:19 now

5:31 I can see how they would do it but I have not known int

5:34 usually you just look at it there's a whole it's pretty much come from their

5:41 soft armor and then there's

5:43 the hard armor the only interview

5:49 Campbell or is group water

5:53 is not an enemy careful

5:56 now with Kevlar is

6:00 not will be where and for Michelle your that own book

6:03 you talking about but will stop stop

6:07 this fall Greece and sweaty body all

6:11 is what two greats careful it doesn't hurt

6:15 careful Inc hopes the capital

6:18 the fibers

6:23 instead of being more tightly woven or

6:26 greasy his small have a loss to

6:31 pointy not be full-go through Campbell

6:35 be fair 45 wat p.m. our third

6:41 she you know 30 RAM has told its use them

6:46 22 magnums like

6:49 run into that I mean Gregor Salto you just

6:53 it out I'm I'm untested but I don't think it'll slow down

6:57 i think im just Terry they want a

7:01 armor-piercing round at this point these do you go

7:08 that three years old way if you re

7:12 gonna need trend me he now I

7:17 this likely that it doesn't smell like used to not

7:22 the game there's a level 4 with a crime predictor

7:27 it has a level a 3

7:30 a cable or

7:34 really knew what to do

7:40 pp yes I don't have the plane back

7:47 as mister

7:50 later for you way 42

7:54 news the not important 28

7:58 now if this thing that shown it really did take a certain number around

8:03 just it's a reason frantic impregnated with

8:09 the party stuff so we did

8:12 fragment is banned this study but

8:17 there is a possibility very

8:20 slight possibility will will it's also quite hit

8:24 and heart and this will do

8:29 the billet engine wine

8:33 is this good or what I like it is the gas company

8:37 pistols I'm in good shape everything is where this all

8:41 here is protected from pistol rounds

8:44 .44 Magnum anything even submachine gun

8:49 the 16 six teenage male she denied me the

8:53 the is accurate leaving the blood

8:57 religion writer and this place four times

9:01 is

9:05 see when come back and then the most think you're fired position see what

9:10 happens and now it's the

9:14 is like a long time something okay I am amazed with them

9:18 yeah I mean his in

9:22 now it good

9:26 he give a reason 17

9:31 maybe may have known as visual ideas

9:34 I'm gonna make you wait

9:42 water

9:43 Dilma and then we got we're here

9:47 and reported this to me

9:56 isn't

9:58 my they're gonna he so mainly cater but

10:02 their suck it up there meant why

10:06 this is the life this is for a horse you can to magazines

10:12 to what's the way well

10:16 their no votes in there it is we have a lot more sir

10:21 he's looking pretty good he's got a punch bowl film

10:26 yeltsin the ballistic on average a Shingler

10:30 more people

10:34 get sick heard his especially soon would

10:38 know the words now to lose you better its recent but

10:42 what I'm trying to get across to you is the way

10:46 at this time in some way degrade you do

10:51 degree you or worse all with having

10:56 then with their if you are in a steady

11:00 position correctly were wrong guys

11:04 it to me information your appear unified position

11:10 you're in the house in the house re:

11:14 surely gonna be laying down in shame maybe maybe not

11:17 might be out winners met said circumstances

11:21 this is a viable feasible quit the guy who ran out the back door and Reina

11:29 to the sniping sniper's position different story how much protection

11:37 if he was laying there the human studio

11:41 in all this former

11:45 is nothing but day is way and he might be the day

11:49 it if you don't

11:53 going to be the bad guys yet to be like and mold

11:58 you have to like you

12:01 maybe better

12:10 Google to

12:11 green

12:19 started

12:22 you

12:27 might be ready better to run out the door

12:29 with lot of cool apps

12:34 maybe an omen a pair for non-commercial radio in your primary weapon

12:39 Nicole your defense will be in its

12:43 face to face shooter be hittin it was

12:48 unit benefits ran home until they do you think they might know where you are

12:53 being used called backwards and go somewhere

12:57 so lucky shoot across backwards there's six

13:01 magazines right there you get it through the

13:04 maintain his mobility BC

13:08 used it they did he had the three magazines and one in 10 they fall to

13:13 homework to do tonight

13:14 what you've seen is Chesky he did pretty good

13:18 know why they did pretty good the call

13:22 we were inside the wire they were outside

13:25 they can run back and get more I'm

13:31 when I'm home up to like you live take 550 rent desire and I am I 550 right

13:38 in into the day I 120 round magazine in the weapon

13:43 want what we met her and 20 in mom pop

13:46 home I'm gonna need to go are upset tells

13:50 home in tow bar personal play more golle

13:53 every at 15 tonight everything

14:00 I may be biased toward heaven lot of holes

14:03 the second half this'll okay you there

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